Principal's Message

Welcome to Altona College, a vibrant, growing community of learners.  We set high expectations for students and create a challenging, inclusive, safe and supportive learning environment where student voice is fostered and thinking skills are developed. We expect each student to reach his or her potential within our student focussed community.  Our dynamic learning environments inspire: creativity, curiosity, collaboration and innovation.


The College strives to improve student learning outcomes in literacy, numeracy, humanities and science as the essential foundations for access to future educational pathways. Our vision is to ensure the academic growth of every child across the school. We expect all students to make at least one year’s growth each year.


We implement research based practices, proven for achieving excellence.  We know from research that the biggest factor in determining student learning is the quality of teaching in classrooms.


Digital tools and practices are embedded into our learning programs to enable opportunities for students to creatively collaborate, and share their learning with others.


Our students learn to build and maintain positive relationships with their peers and staff forming a strong sense of their own identity. This, along with knowledge are the foundations for learning at school and for lifelong success. A focus on developing relationships with our families ensures an ongoing and successful partnership.


Our college programs and unique modern facilities reflect the critical stages of learning development:

  • Early Years Learning Centre - Prep to Year 4, where critical foundations for learning are established.
  • Year 5/6 Learning Centre - Years 5 to 6 where students take responsibility for their learning and demonstrate their independence.
  • Year 7-9 Learning Centre - Leadership and Development Centre where engagement to school is strengthened through leadership development and planning for future pathways. 
  • Year 10 Learning Centre - Designed with our newest senior secondaries in mind, these spaces provide great classroom learning areas, as well as passive spaces for quiet study. All equiped with the latest in ICT equipment for classroom use and for external collaborative learning purposes.

Our students develop confidence in evaluating and using thinking processes across a range of familiar and unfamiliar contexts. In line with the Cultures of Thinking project we focus on developing a school wide culture of thinking and curiosity.


Our unique environment ensures our students have staff that know them well and can target their strengths. We ensure that each student is learning new skills and knowledge and strengthening their understandings. We celebrate success through our learning centre and college assemblies, which bring our community together.  


We are proud of our students and their achievements.


Join our flourishing community.         


Julie Krause