Apply For Year 7 2024


Altona College invites enrolment applications from prospective families that reside within our designated zone. We strictly adhere to the Department of Education and Training (DET) enrolment policy to ensure that new students are from within our designated neighbourhood area .





Year 7 2024 Information sessions and tours will be held at the College Open Evening on Wednesday April 5. The 2020 video information session above provides essential information for prospective families, though an updated presentation is always delivered on open evening. Please do not hesitate to contact our office for further information or a phone call with a member of our leadership.


Further information on our Year 7 Elevate program for highly capable learners can be accessed via the links sections below.


The Department of Education Victoria state-wide enrolment process applies. Early in term 2, the most current enrolment and transition pack should be provided to all current Grade 6 students in Government Primary Schools. Students in independent and Catholic primary schools can download a copy from the links section below as soon as it is available, or contact our office for further assistance. More information is available via the DET website referenced in the links section below.


Please use the following link to check that your residential address falls within our school zone:


Please contact our College reception on 92508050 or send an email to should you require further support.




Year 7 Elevate 

Moving from Primary to Secondary School (DET Resources)

Find my school zone

Altona College Enrolment Management Plan

100 points of ID - requirements