FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

How to I find my child’s academic reports?
Login in to Compass and select from the menu next to each child’s photo.


Why doesn’t the Interim/progress report appear in the list of academic reports? 
Progress reports are designed to be viewed in graph form as they are snapshot of current progress. They can be downloaded at any time in pdf form below the graph for each child.

Why can't I view the Interim/Progress reports or download them using my mobile phone?
Compass app software does not currently have the functionality to create a pdf and then download it for viewing. Semester reports that have been created and uploaded by the school can be downloaded and viewed using the app. Graphs can be viewed and pdfs can be generated by opening Compass from a web browser.


What happens when I updated my email address and phone number in Compass? Kindly email the admin team with the changes, who then manually updates the DET computer system.


How do I get the alerts from the school?
Download the app from Google Play or App Store “Compass Student Manager” and select Altona P-9 College from the drop down menu. Your unique family credentials will work on all smart mobile devices. If you don’t have the app you will be receiving an email version if your email address is currently live and accurate.


I’ve forgotten my unique family code? 
Locate the hard copy letter sent at the beginning of each year or upon enrolment. It’s listed on the back. Check your registered email account for an email sent from Compass or the school. If still no luck please contact the admin team on 9250 8050.


I can’t remember my Compass password?
Use the link below ‘Can’t access your account?’. This uses your registered email address to walk you through the process of password retrieval/reset. Remember, once your password has been changed upon registering for the first time, the school does not have access to this. Having an accurate and current email address registered with the school is vital.


How come I can see different features to my child when logged on to Compass?  Permissions are set differently for parents and students. For example, Semester reports are a document designed for and directed specifically to parents.


How come I can’t email my child’s teacher directly through Compass? 
It is essential that teachers use their time to plan and work collaboratively with other teachers in the most productive ways possible. Experience shows that it can become completely overwhelming when email contact is made from on a regular basis. Some of our staff teach up to 280 students. Of course if parents need to make contact with teachers they are encourage to call the school so a returned phone call can be made.