Booklist and Stationery Orders 2020

Please note the following key points:

  1. Some items are pre-selected, as they are essential curriculum resources.
  2. School Diary is an essential item containing curriculum content and cannot be substituted for a generic diary.
  3. For years 4-9, Language Perfect is an essential curriculum resource.
  4. For years 7-10, textbooks are essential and will not be available for loan from the College.
  5. Please choose only one of the Oxford packs, please note the following before making a selection:
      1. Print and Digital (Option A) provides hardcopy and digital access, with access codes remaining valid for consecutive years (can be handed down to siblings).
      2. Digital Only (Option B) bundle provides no hardcopy and expires in 12 months
    6. All listed items are required unless otherwise stated, but can be retained from previous years if they are still in adequate condition.

Years 7-9

Years 7-9 no longer have “electives” in the traditional sense, all students will complete the following:

English, Math, Science, Humanities, Health & Physical Education, LOTE*, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Digital Technologies, Design Technologies**.

* LOTE: Mandarin will be introduced from Year 7 in 2020. Italian will continue for 8 & 9, but phase out as students progress through year 9. Select stationery according to the language noted on the booklist.

** Design Technologies rotate between Food (Year 7&9) and Wood (Year 8), both are elective options in year 10.


Years 10-12

Students will be provided with a confirmation of subjects as soon as possible. Once elective choices and classes are confirmed, students will be provided with a letter of confirmation. Stationery orders can then be placed. In the interim, please use the booklist as a guide to prepare and budget accordingly.