2019 Laptop Program Years 4-10

Families of students in Years 4-9 can purchase their Lenovo Yoga or Thinkpad Laptop device through the JB Education portal.  





Frequently asked Questions...


1)  What do I do if I need support?  

JB Educations Support line should be called if there is an issue.(1300730548)


2)  Will the Schools’ IT department support the laptop for all service issues or program faults?

Yes, the device is owned by the purchaser. If/when there is a software issue, our IT techs will initially assess the device and repair if appropriate. In the event of a hardware issue our IT techs will contact the JB support team and they will visit within two working days to fix under warranty.


3)  What about software and antivirus programs? Who is responsible?

The device will be delivered with the college image installed (including Pearson Curriculum Resources) and the DET Edustar image, Virus protection and Microsoft Office. It will also have DET wireless connectivity. Students rarely use Microsoft Office for school use, instead using the web-based Google Suite including docs, sheets, slides, hangouts, blogs etc.


4)  What about Cyber safety and school network controls?

Cyber-safety is taken very seriously. Social media sites are blocked as per DET guidelines. Cyber- Safety (incorporating online rights and responsibilities) is built into our Positive Education curriculum and is continually being refined and implemented. Students will have access to the college network as it will be managed by a college administrator.


5)  What happens to the controls once he/she finishes year 9 or leaves the school?

As the device belongs to the student, upon exit, the college and DET image will be removed and replaced with the Lenovo factory image. It will then be the responsibility of the student/student family to arrange for the new schools image/DET image to be installed if appropriate. Many schools are choosing a Managed BYOD as we have, and we have been careful to ensure the device/s we have offered is compatible with our main Senior Secondary option (Bayside Paisley Year 10-12).


6)  Will the control of the laptop pass through onto the next school and their IT?

Families will need to start the conversation with the chosen school when the transition 9-10 begins. The device will be managed by families on completion of Year 9.